All recipes below are careful (and fun) curations, inspired by seasonal produce and designed to be easy, delicious plus nourishing and nurturing for you. Each recipe can be altered to suit your preferences and/or dietary needs. To make this easy included are alternative ingredient suggestions, for example those that are gluten free, fructose free, vegan, etc. With each recipe I have also made note (at the end of each recipe post) of an appropriate serving for women with Gestational Diabetes and any recipe adjustment suggestions.



Easy banana pancakes – great for babies/toddlers

Almond meal pancakes


Banana Rice Porridge

Rice pudding porridge, with vanilla bean and grated apple

Quinoa, buckwheat & mixed seed porridge

Muesli, Granola & Oats:

Lightly toasted & roasted mixed grain muesli

Summer bircher Muesli (a simple and beautiful version of the REAL Mr Bircher-Benner muesli)

Overnight raspberry oats & rice flakes


Boost your immunity juice

Fruity cacao smoothie (a blissfully tropical yet chocolatey smoothie!)


Green bean, cos lettuce & avocado salad, with creamy zesty dressing

Roast pumpkin, black quinoa, fresh herb, roasted pecan & toasted seed salad

Grilled zucchini with rocket & pepitas

Warm carrot & herb salad

Veggie side dishes

Crispy fried brussel sprouts with creamy lemon tahini dressing & roasted pecans

Pea, broccoli & mint mash


Asparagus, pea, kale & feta quinoa fritters

Green Falafels

Lentil Bolognaise

Mini herb, spinach, feta and tomato quiches

Mixed herb & almond crumbed fish

Easy Fish & Vegetable Curry

Salmon patties

Super Tasty Tofu

Ratatouille (& 10 ways to enjoy it)

Ricotta & silverbeet gnocchi 

Spicy vegetable & cannellini bean curry with parsley rice 

Warming & ‘immunity boosting’ vegetable soup 

Winter vegetable & chickpea coconut curry

Vegetable Lasagne

Vegetable & Cannellini Bean Lasagne

Roast vegetable lasagne with ‘Bechamel style’ cashew cream, walnuts & pepitas (vegan)

Zesty sautéed greens with buckwheat pasta

Quiche (the easiest yummiest recipe!)


Banana breads:

Buckwheat (zucchini, blueberry & walnut) banana bread

Pumpkin, apple & banana bread

Zucchini, carrot & banana bread

Chia seed & dark chocolate banana bread (vegan & gluten free)

Cakes, loaves:

Pumpkin bread

Chocolate cake (with layers of mousse and raspberries)

Chocolate Mud Cake (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Flourless chocolate cake with cherries and spice

Flourless lemon & almond cake

Lemon, yoghurt & olive oil cake

Lemon, yoghurt & thyme Bundt cake

(Whole) Orange & Almond Cake

Spiced carrot & parsnip cake with lemon & maple yoghurt icing

Muffins, slices & brownies:

Banana bread muffins

Banana, coconut milk & chia seed muffins

Banana, hazelnut & almond muffins (gf)

Black bean & blueberry brownies (gf)

Buckwheat banana, strawberry & dark chocolate muffins (gf)

Carrot, Zucchini & Apple Muffins

Choc- banana cupcakes (gf)

A ‘no bake’ nut, oat and berry slice 

‘One bowl’ banana muffins 

Spiced sweet potato & pumpkin chocolate brownies

Spiced carrot, date & raisin muffins with zesty cream cheese icing

Cookies, biscuits & bliss balls:

Banana, nut butter, oat & seed cookies (the perfect breakfast for on the go)

Choc, goji & brazil nut bliss balls

‘Chocolate truffle like’ nutty bliss balls

Easy delicious & nutritious lactation cookies

Easy delicious & nutritious lactation cookies – wheat, gluten, egg, dairy and soy free

Hazelnut & dark chocolate cookies

Lemon Tahini & Turmeric Nut Balls

Peanut butter, tahini, banana & cacao cookies

Peanut butter oat cookies 

Lemony turmeric cookies

Zimtsterne (a variation of the traditional Swiss ‘cinnamon stars’ recipe) 

Dips, dressings & sauces

Avocado & Walnut pesto

Spinach & basil pesto

Hummus (including several delicious types of hummus)

Super Green Hummus & Spicy Turmeric Hummus

Hot desserts

Rustic apple pie

Poached quinces

Seasonal food tips

Delicious easy ways with lemons