Women’s Health and Babies & Toddlers

Lara is a dedicated and creative dietitian with over 14 years of experience.

She provides in-person consultations for women, couples and parents with young children (up to age 3) in Adelaide and also in the Adelaide Hills. Virtual appointments are also available for those who live locally, in Australia or abroad.

Women’s Health:

Lara has extensive experience in the areas of PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic pain, hormonal imbalances/menstrual irregularity/painful periods, fertility health, IVF nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, weight concerns, digestive health (including IBS) and mental health.

Babies & Toddlers:

With regards to babies and toddlers, Lara has a special interest in introduction of solids in a way that is easy for parents and best supports a child (and family) to develop a healthy relationship with food and a love for all foods from very early on. She has experience in fussy eating, food intolerances and allergies, tummy troubles/upsets, constipation/loose bowels, poor growth, feeding difficulties, optimal nutrition for breastfeeding for both mum and bub and nutrition for vegan/vegetarian babies and families. She also has a library of ideas, practical tips and recipes for parents to make food preparation and feeding as easy as possible.

Her approach when working with clients is of a non-diet nature, holistic, caring and personal. Lara does not provide meal plans nor does she encourage any food restriction or diets, rather she helps clients to focus on nourishing themselves with wholesome fresh food in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, and promotes optimal health and wellbeing. When working with parents with a child with specific nutritional needs and/or food intolerances or allergies her approach is evidence based, very personal and practical. She goes to lengths to ensure parents are well supported on an ongoing basis.

A little bit more about Lara..

  • Over the past 14 years Lara has worked as a Dietitian in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne across a diverse range of settings – hospital, community and private practice, focussing mostly in the areas of women’s health and children’s nutrition.
  • After moving to Melbourne in 2009, she established her private practice, providing consultations, workshops and developing recipes for a number of online women’s health platforms and food businesses. In 2019 she relocated to Adelaide (her hometown), where she now runs her private practice.
  • Alongside nutrition work she has also enjoyed involvement in Farmers’ Market Management (both in Adelaide and Melbourne). The benefits of buying and eating fresh local food (wherever possible) are endless – for our community, economy, environment, health and wellbeing.
  • As a lover of flowers and nature Lara also occasionally freelances as a florist. This hobby turned into a side business years ago after completing part-time study and work in the industry. Experience with flowers has enriched her knowledge and understanding of the natural world, seasonal change and the many benefits (including health benefits) of working with and being surrounded by nature. She now incorporates certain elements of floristry into her nutrition practice, retreats and workshops.




“Lara is truly a one-of-a-kind dietitian! Her constant support, advice and genuine care in helping me reach my goals has been pivotal in my journey thus far. Since working with Lara, my digestive issues have improved considerably and most importantly, my love for cooking and eating wholesome food has been reignited! Lara’s approach is unique in that she provides guidance and the resources to successfully carry out dietary and lifestyle amendments. In particular, her wonderfully wholesome recipes. Lara’s recipes are quick, easy and oh so tasty – I have fallen in love with every single one. I cannot thank you enough, Lara, for all your help so far!” – Jasmine

“Lara, a BIG thank you for your incredible knowledge and support. You were available day (and night!) to answer any questions and offer advice” – Kate