Easy banana pancakes

These are the easiest and quickest pancakes, plus they are delicious. A wonderful breakfast idea for babies and kids of […]

Italian Spritz mocktail

Three refreshingly scrumptious mocktails

As it’s the festive season, having a few mocktail recipes/ideas at hand is nice (especially for those who are pregnant, […]

Easy nut, oat and berry slice (for the freezer or fridge, no baking required)

A simple and delicious snack, and wonderful for just about any of us. I refer to this recipe as a […]

Easy delicious and nutritious ‘lactation’ cookies – free from wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, egg and soy

These cookies are a little different from the nutty ones I shared recently. Both cookie recipes are great, I suggest […]

Easy delicious and nutritious ‘lactation’ cookies

Some women swear by lactation cookies (for supporting and boosting milk supply). There are many commercial cookies which one can […]

breastfeeding nutrition

Breastfeeding Nutrition

A balanced and nourishing diet is important for all mothers postpartum. This blog post focuses on nutrition specifically for breastfeeding […]

Travelling in your first trimester – food tips

If you have a holiday planned and then find yourself pregnant and not feeling so well, or, if you’re in […]

Morning Sickness – Tips and suggestions

Morning sickness (nausea and vomiting that women experience during pregnancy) is extremely common. Despite the name, it certainly does not […]

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats would have to be one of the most wonderful, satisfying, soul warming and nourishing breakfasts. The idea of […]

Mixed grain light natural muesli

This formula is a winner and possibly my favourite (mainly because I eat this muesli pretty much every morning). Whenever […]

Nut meal fruit pancakes

These are an old favourite. I’ve trialled them with various nut meals, fruit and egg substitutes. The result –  a […]

A fresh, sweet and zesty salad

There are so many variations of this salad. The combination pictured above would have to be one of my favourites. […]

Potato Salad – delicious, fresh and easy

Introducing a potato salad that is simple, very tasty and fresh. Dressed in a vinaigrette this style of potato salad […]

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement refers to the act of engaging in physical movement where one places all attention (or as much as […]

Endometriosis Management

Have you just been diagnosed with endometriosis? Well, let me reassure you that you do not have to suffer. Whilst you […]

Unpacking Endometriosis

  *Note: this will be a series of two blog posts Endometriosis (or “endo” as it is most commonly phrased) […]

Fish During Pregnancy: Friend or Foe?

Amongst pregnant women, a concern commonly raised is: “is fish safe to eat?” Well, in a nutshell, yes! It is […]

‘Using Up Vegetables’ Lasagne

Lasagne would have to be one of the most comforting and well-loved meals. This ‘formula’ provides a base recipe that […]

Preconception Health: A guide to supplements

Knowing which prenatal supplement/s to buy can be a bit tricky. There is quite an array to choose from and […]

Flourless Lemon & Almond Cake

If you like nut meal based cakes that are not overly sweet then you must try this. This cake is […]

Food & Mental Health

We’ve known for a while now that what we eat can directly affect our mood and how we function from […]

Sourdough – Why it’s so wonderful

As a long time lover of sourdough, it’s about time I share a few words about this type of bread. […]

Whole Orange & Almond Cake

I love wholesome cakes that are sweet yet not overly sweet. Orange and almond cake would have to be one […]

Green Falafels

These falafels are incredibly flavoursome and fresh, and the best part is – you can use any green vegetables you […]

4 Quick & easy ‘throw together’ meal ideas

Simple and easy dinner ideas are always helpful, no matter how much of a meal prep pro we are or […]

Black bean and blueberry brownies

Needing a fun recipe that uses up tins of beans? These brownies are surprisingly good! Black beans provide a brilliant […]

Berry banana bread muffins

These muffins were a throw together in an effort to make the most of some extremely overripe bananas. I used […]

Lemon Tahini & Turmeric Nut Balls

If you’re a fan of all things lemony, tahini and turmeric these are a MUST try. Easy to make, rich […]

Women’s Health & Nutrition

Women’s Health. What IS women’s health? As a practitioner who works in this area, I occasionally get asked about what […]

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake with Berries (Gluten Free & Vegan)

With a desire for chocolate cake (plus no eggs nor enough wheat flour on hand) I recently threw together this […]

One pot fish and vegetable curry

Meals like this are the best kind I find – one pot only. Lots of fresh vegetables, so much flavour, […]

Quinoa brownies

Currently my favourite way to use up leftover cooked quinoa. These brownies are TO DIE FOR. Decadently rich (despite there […]

Roast Vegetable Lasagne with ‘Bechamel Style’ Cashew Cream, Walnuts & Pepitas

This lasagne was served at one of our recent women’s wellness retreats, after which we devoured flourless chocolate and raspberry […]

Hummus Two Ways: Super Green & Spicy Turmeric

There are so many variations of hummus one can concoct. Just about any vegetable and herb can be added to […]

Mixed Herb & Almond Crumbed Fish

Essentially a gourmet version of the traditional crumb. Easy and super tasty, this is superb for crumbing white fish such […]

Spicy vegetable & cannellini bean curry with parsley rice

This is one of those meals that is perfect for devouring while rugged up on your couch with your favourite […]

Spiced carrot, date & raisin muffins with zesty cream cheese frosting

Think sticky date pudding and carrot cake combined. These muffins are fluffy yet textured, light yet hearty and can be […]

Peanut butter Oat Cookies

Three of my favourite foods would have to be peanut butter, oats and dark chocolate. These cookies are the ultimate […]

Super Tasty Tofu

If you’ve never been a lover of tofu and would like to finally discover how good it can be then […]

‘One bowl’ chia seed & dark chocolate banana bread (vegan & gluten free)

Banana bread. There are so many recipes out there, many of which are brilliant. This one, a gluten free and […]

Overnight Raspberry Oats & Rice Flakes

If you love porridge but prefer a cold (and very easy and fast to make) breakfast, overnight oats are perfect. […]

The easiest yummiest quiche

This is something my mum often makes. As kids and teenagers we adored this for dinner and still today my […]

Vegetable & Cannellini Bean Lasagne

I love this lasagne. It’s a heart warming vegetarian meal which is not only tasty but easy to throw together […]

Chocolate quinoa cookies!

Ever have leftover cooked quinoa which you’d like to use somehow? Try these cookies! They are beautifully crunchy on the […]

Lentil Bolognaise

If you love bolognaise but also love lentils (or would like to try including more lentils into your world) I […]


Hummus is such a well loved and versatile dip. This is something I make quite often, almost every week in […]

Banana, nut butter, oat & seed cookies

These cookies are easy to throw together and make a lovely high fibre snack or breakfast option for on the […]

Banana, coconut milk & chia seed muffins

Last week, after making a pot of curry I had half a tin of coconut milk leftover which I certainly […]

A post about mental health & a personal story

Yesterday was ‘R U OK? Day. A reminder to check in with people around us, those close to us and […]

Lemony turmeric cookies

This recipe is a little variation of the hazelnut cookie recipe I recently posted. As a few friends have asked […]

Hazelnut Cookies

These cookies, I have to say, are THE BEST. Being not overly sweet, full of good stuff, high in wonderful […]

Easy Blissful Vegetable Lasagne

This lasagne is something I make quite often, in particular when I have vegetables such as spinach, zucchini or kale […]

Zesty sautéed greens with buckwheat pasta

This pasta dish is one I often throw together for dinner, each time with slightly different greens (usually whatever I […]

Easy ‘chocolate truffle like’ bliss balls (no blender required)

These have become a regular snack (especially for morning tea, enjoyed with and dunked into a creamy coffee – I […]

Flourless chocolate cake with cherries and spice

Flourless chocolate cake has always been a favourite amongst the family. I’ve made several versions of this cake (often with […]

4 ingredient peanut butter banana snack balls

These fudge-like little balls are firstly SO easy and quick to make, all you need is a bowl, fork and […]

The most delicious most versatile avocado pesto

Pesto would have to be one of the most versatile condiments.. serve it as a dip, a spread, a pasta […]

Lemon, yoghurt & thyme cake

Recently I was surprised with this beautifully decorated cake. It was a birthday gift from my partner who rarely bakes […]

Homemade lemon lollies – little powerhouses of vitamin C

Lemony, zesty and subtly sweet. These homemade lemon lollies (or jellies) are surprisingly easy, packed with vitamin C and as […]

One beautiful chocolate cake – a recommended recipe

We recently hosted an intimate family dinner party for my partner’s 40th birthday – a dinner of 18 guests which […]

Delicious feel good smoothies (A basic flexible recipe for two)

At this time of year, a delicious, creamy and refreshing smoothie can be hard to resist! Every cafe appears to […]

Summer Bircher Muesli, a simple and utterly divine version of the REAL ‘Mr Bircher-Benner’ Muesli

Mr Bircher-Benner was a wonderful Swiss scientist, doctor and nutritionist who after falling unwell claimed that raw apple and then […]

Zimtsterne (a delicious variation of the traditional Swiss recipe)

Zimtsterne (‘Cinnamon Stars’). These magical little biscuits have a very special place in my heart. Baking these is a family […]

‘One Bowl’ banana muffins

This has become a fav go-to way of using up ripe bananas. It’s so easy which apart from needing to […]

Asparagus, pea, kale & feta quinoa fritters

Funny shaped, very green, crispy little things. These are tasty! And, very easy to whip up. A nice recipe for […]

The importance of self-care & a recipe for an all natural plus edible body scrub

This post is about the importance of making time just for you. For your mind and body, your health and wellbeing, […]

Fresh salmon patties

These patties are delicious and satisfying every single time – Whether pan-fried or cooked on the BBQ, and whether served […]

Roast pumpkin, quinoa & fresh herb salad, with roasted pecans and toasted seeds

As we transition into spring, enjoying warmer sunnier days, we begin to naturally yearn for fresh flavoursome salads. Warming winter […]

Spiced carrot & parsnip cake with lemon & maple yoghurt icing

So, you might be thinking – why put parsnip in a carrot cake and add yoghurt icing when decadent moist […]

Rice pudding porridge, with vanilla bean & grated apple

This porridge (or pudding rather) brings such warmth and comfort.. it’s basically a dessert. At this time of year it’s very […]

Peanut butter, tahini, banana & cacao cookies

Think sweet and fudge-like, chocolatey and nutty, delicious and not too rich. These cookies are yum, perhaps a wee little […]

Winter vegetable & chickpea coconut curry

If you’re a fan of creamy coconut, extremely flavoursome, delicately spicy vegetarian curries you might really love this one. I […]

Ratatouille & 10 lovely ways to serve it

Ratatouille is one of those meals that tastes like home. Amongst pastas, lasagnes, slow cooked meat and vegetable soups ratatouille […]

Crispy fried sprouts, with creamy tahini dressing & roasted pecans

Lately I’ve been on an entertaining mission – that is, to convince my partner that sprouts are good. It’s certainly […]

Ricotta & silverbeet gnocchi

Gnocchi is something so comforting – a meal that can send you into a sleepy state of contentment, and when […]

Spiced sweet potato & pumpkin chocolate brownies

Brownies. How good are brownies. Sometimes, a sweet soul warming chocolate heavy brownie (with all the sugar and butter goodness) […]

Buckwheat banana muffins, with strawberries & dark chocolate bits

Just very yummy and extremely easy to make (no electric beating required.. and you only need one mixing bowl, which […]

A warming, spicy ‘immunity boosting’ vegetable soup

This soup was a recent a throw together of seasonal vegetables, herbs and spice including turmeric, garlic and ginger. When […]

Food safety during pregnancy

Many of us are aware that certain foods are labelled as being unsafe during pregnancy.. raw fish, raw egg, soft […]

Mini herb, spinach, feta & tomato quiches

Quiche (and frittata) can be such a delicious, nourishing and very nutritious meal, not to mention super easy.. when made […]

Grilled zucchini with rocket & toasted pepitas

Zucchini is such a wonderful vegetable. It’s subtle flavour makes it incredibly versatile – you can do just about anything […]

A fresh green salad with creamy zesty dressing

Salads. Am such a fan of fresh (and dressing covered) salads.. especially at this time of year. Colourful and flavoursome, […]

Buckwheat (zucchini, blueberry and walnut) Banana bread

Banana bread. Yep, another recipe. Banana bread is just so good! It’s just so satisfying, soul warming and nourishing so […]

The importance of enjoying cake & a beautiful lemon yoghurt olive oil cake recipe

I can’t imagine a life without cake.. especially homemade, wholesome, delicious cake. If you love cake (and any kind – […]

The non-diet approach

  For a year now I’ve been using this approach when working with clients. It’s wonderful. While this approach doesn’t […]

Homemade mixed grain lightly toasted & roasted muesli

In May this year I made a batch of lightly toasted muesli for my partner for his birthday. It was […]

A chat with Dave from Spring Creek Organics & a warm carrot salad recipe

Dave is farmer based in country Victoria who grows beautiful organic vegetables. His father was one of the first farmers […]

Banana, hazelnut & almond muffins

If you love banana bread you’ve got to try these muffins. I made two batches on the weekend to share […]

A story about John Howell’s apples, his Yarra Valley orchard & rustic apple pie

John is a 4th generation fruit grower with an orchard in the Yarra Valley that was first established by his […]

Carrot, Zucchini & Apple Muffins

Think carrot cake, but light with nice crunchy almond bits. This recipe is easy, and while they sound a bit […]

Delicious easy ways with lemons

Salad dressings, desserts, drinks, cocktails, with fish, chicken, lamb, vegetables… Lemons can be used in so many ways, I couldn’t […]

Quinoa, buckwheat & mixed seed porridge .. with roasted walnuts

If you’ve tried quinoa, you may agree that it has a very earthy and nutty flavour. When used to make […]

The kiwi fruit – why it’s special & favourite ‘winter ways’ to eat it

Did you know that kiwi fruit has more vitamin C than most other fruits? They are a concentrated source of […]

Very delicious & nutritious chocolatey bliss balls

Bliss balls.. protein balls.. vegan bliss balls.. balls that are sugar and gluten free.. You see them everywhere now. Almost […]

‘Strengthen your Immunity’ juice

It’s May.. winter is pretty much here.. you’ve been incredibly busy since Christmas.. work and life flies ahead.. you may […]

Banana Rice Porridge

This porridge was introduced to me years ago by a dear friend Tara. We were living together and she would […]

Zucchini, carrot & banana bread (Yummy Banana cake with ‘hidden vegetables’)

Rustic, wholesome, delicious, nourishing and not overly sweet.. This recipe was inspired by a very bright 9 year old client. […]

The power of fresh leafy greens

You may already know that leafy greens are a powerhouse of health protecting goodness. They are so incredibly rich in […]

Poached Quinces – A soul warming autumn fruit

Since the weekend I’ve had a bowl of homegrown quinces sitting on my kitchen bench, ripening, looking beautiful and smiling […]

Pumpkin, apple & banana bread

Sunday afternoon baking.... Some days I have an overwhelming desire to bake. Because my work revolves around food, nutrition and recipes I MUST bake cakes that TASTE AMAZING but are also REALLY GOOD FOR YOU. I can hear you grinning friends. Yes, don't worry I do eat (and enjoy) chocolate, regular standard deliciously good cakes and desserts .. so I'm not a complete health nut. I believe that no food is bad - all food is good, in moderation. I just love the challenge of creating delicous food that is also nutrtionally awesome... On Sunday I had one of these baking urges... if you also have baking urges, or just love food that makes you feel really good, I invite you to try it. Your body and soul will love it. Why this banana bread is so good..

Pumpkin Bread

A slice of pumpkin bread can be the perfect quick breakfast, part of your lunch or a lovely snack. This one is […]

Spinach & Basil Pesto

A super fresh and flavoursome pesto (or dip) that can be used in so many ways.

Pea, broccoli & mint mash

A delicious way to boost your greens.. If you’re not a lover of salad or green vegetables on their own, […]

Choc-banana cupcakes

Banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven.. you may agree? And I must admit that I love plain […]

Avocado & walnut pesto

Pesto is a fantastic condiment to have at hand in the fridge. Bought pestos are generally great, but some can […]

Almond meal pancakes

For the love of pancakes x This recipe was inspired by a gorgeous 2 year old client of mine…. a […]