These are the easiest and quickest pancakes, plus they are delicious. A wonderful breakfast idea for babies and kids of all ages and also us adults. 


If you have a little tot and want to try these make sure they are at an appropriate age. These pancakes are soft however I suggest trying these at or after 6 months of age (the recommended age for starting baby led weaning) and also when your baby can sit up well in a high chair. I tried these pancakes for the first time with my daughter Ella when she was 8 months of age (in fact my partner made these for the first time) and she loved them! We added a little greek yoghurt on top, a nice topping that also softens the pancakes. If you make these and they have hard edges (and are worried about whether they are soft enough for your bub) I suggest cutting the edges off and/or adding yoghurt/mashed fruit to them to soften them. 


The best thing about these pancakes is that they are easy to make, you can vary the fruit and they are lovely cold too. Pieces of cold pancake make a great snack.


These pancakes can be gluten and wheat free and are nut, soy and dairy free. This recipe does contain egg, however you could certainly use an egg replacement instead. 


To make these, you need:

1 banana, mashed (OR 1/2 a banana mashed + 1/2 a finely grated pear or apple)

1 Tablespoon plain flour (OR gluten free flour if needing to avoid gluten/wheat)

1 egg

Other nice additions: fresh berries, cinnamon, a little smooth nut butter, coconut – note, some of these additions are not suitable for babies/children, depending on age of child and allergies.

You can also add finely grated zucchini, however I suggest squeezing all moisture out of it. If wanting to try this, use 1/2 a mashed banana and a small-ish handful of finely grated zucchini (1/2 a small zucchini grated).


To make:

In a bowl, mix mashed banana (or banana and pear/apple), egg and flour until all is well combined. Add some butter to a pan (on medium heat) and cook spoonfuls. You can make these pancakes small or big. I tend to use about a Tablespoon per pancake. Flip pancake when underside is golden. Cook on both sides. Serve on their own or with yoghurt, smashed berries on top, or spread on some smooth nut butter. Or, serve however you like. 




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