All formulas below are careful (and fun) curations, inspired by simple dishes my partner and I often make at home. I refer to these as formulas as, unlike a recipe, they provide a simple guide of ingredient ‘types’ encouraging you to choose your own ingredients and therefore design your own recipe. The best part about these is that you can use what you have at hand (rather than head out to buy specific ingredients), and, create dishes to suit your preferences and/or specific dietary needs. This list will slowly grow. If you love this concept and would like more formulas now you might love my ebook Make It Yours which you can find here.


Breakfast ideas

Mixed grain light natural muesli

Nut meal and fruit pancakes

Overnight Oats



Potato Salad – delicious, fresh and light 

Fresh, sweet and zesty salad



Potato bake



Easy no-bake ‘freezer slice’ (nuts, oats and berries)