5 Things That Matter



A kind, easy-to-read book designed for women. If you are wanting an overview of information and tips for looking after your preconception health, optimising your fertility and establishing a healthy foundation for a healthy conception (and pregnancy) then this book is for you.

While my area of specialty and focus is of course food and nutrition, when working with clients I place equal importance on all areas of health (all areas that matter). For this reason, this book discusses our 1) physical health, 2) diet, 3) mental health, 4) physical activity levels and 5) gut health.

These 5 things are important when it comes to looking after our preconception health. I am very fortunate to work with a few exceptional women’s health and obstetric teams and greatly value the role of all health professionals – doctors (including GPs, obstetricians and gynaecologists), physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, nurses, psychologists, midwives and more. So, when working with clients, I always help to facilitate and arrange support from other health professionals if and when there is a need.

This book discusses the 5 things in the context of how they can influence and best support preconception health. You’ll find guidance and tips throughout the book plus an easy-to-refer-to one page summary at the end. This book doesn’t provide meal plans, recipes or rigid plans of any sort but rather clear evidenced based information and practical tips for you to consider and apply to your day, week, routines, diet and lifestyle. It provides a starting point of guidance, and the information provided is of course general so relevant for many (or most) women. If at any time you would like personalised nutrition guidance (for example, specific meal and snack suggestions, recipes and/or supplements) I would recommend booking an initial consultation. I will add here too that while I have written this book for women I do make note of tips that are relevant for partners and men. For this reason, this book is a helpful read for couples too.

I hope you enjoy this book. It is the first of a ‘fertility, pregnancy and postnatal health’ series.


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