Italian Spritz mocktail

As it’s the festive season, having a few mocktail recipes/ideas at hand is nice (especially for those who are pregnant, those who love a yummy non-alcoholic drink, those who are avoiding/limiting alcohol and need some mocktail ideas, and also for those who don’t consume alcohol and love mocktails). These three concoctions are easy, refreshing and light.

While pregnant, I’ve loved having a ‘fancy’ drink here and there when I’ve like it and also when we’ve had people over – it’s nice to have something a little special to drink (other than water) when others are drinking wine/cocktails.

Interestingly for me, while pregnant, I haven’t missed wine, cocktails and beer at all (which I didn’t expect.. as a lover of wine I assumed I’d find it hard/sad to not be able to enjoy it as usual). Perhaps this has been because I’ve experienced quite a bit of nausea or maybe my body just hasn’t wanted it at all. For this reason it hasn’t bothered me to be around others enjoying wine but I will say that when I’ve had a mocktail at dinners where others are enjoying wine or other drinks I haven’t felt left out at all. It’s just nice to have something special.

Below are three simple recipes, all wonderful for the festive season and during the warm weather but also nice at any time of the year.

The Italian Spritz

In a glass, add the below then stir a little:

  • ice
  • a little salted grapefruit soda by StrangeLove (or some fresh lemon or orange juice)
  • mineral water/soda
  • a splash of Lyres Italian Orange spirit
  • a slice or two of cucumber
  • fresh mint leaves
  • fresh sliced fruit or dehydrated fruit (e.g. orange, lime, strawberry)
Christmas Spritz

In a glass, add the below then stir a little:

  • ice
  • coconut water
  • mineral/soda water
  • a splash of Lyre’s gin spirit OR some ginger ale/lemon and ginger soda or a little ginger syrup/cordial
  • Christmas spice (a cinnamon stick, cloves and/or star anise), if not a spice lover try a slice of cucumber
  • fresh fruit or dehydrated fruit (I suggest sliced orange, a cherry cut or squished, or berries)
  • fresh herbs if you like (e.g. rosemary, thyme or mint)
Fresh Coconut Spritz

In a glass, add the below then stir a little:

  • ice
  • mineral/soda water
  • coconut water (I suggest 1 part mineral/soda and 1 part coconut water or 2 parts mineral/soda and 1 part coconut water)
  • a squeeze of lemon or lime juice
  • fresh sliced fruit of choice (e.g. lime, lemon, orange, strawberry, apple)
  • sliced cucumber
  • fresh mint leaves

pregnancy mocktail

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