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Peanut butter, tahini, banana & cacao cookies

peanut butter cacao cookiesThink sweet and fudgy, chocolatey and nutty, delicious and not too rich. These cookies are yum, perhaps a wee little addictive.

Having a batch of wholesome cookies, stored in your pantry or in the freezer (ready for you to grab at any time), makes delicious snacking easy. Of course there are many wonderful snacks that don’t require baking or preparation, however for something different and comforting it’s nice to bake and stock up on homemade goodies when time persists.

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Very delicious & nutritious chocolatey bliss balls

Chocolate brazil nut Bliss balls

Bliss balls.. protein balls.. vegan bliss balls.. balls that are sugar and gluten free.. You see them everywhere now. Almost every cafe appears to stock some sort of ball.. they are actually a very yummy and wonderful snack.

I must admit that if I ever see some, that look particularly interesting, in a cafe (where the ingredients aren’t listed) I do ask what’s in them. Curiosity. The combination of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, oils, butters, sweeteners and spices are always slightly different. Over the past 6 months I’ve played with a few different recipes, and these ones are by far my favourite.

Why these balls are worth trying..

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The power of fresh leafy greens

You may already know that leafy greens are a powerhouse of health protecting goodness. They are so incredibly good for you, and particularly at this time of year when colds, the flu and other nasty things are around. Leafy greens are a must addition to your week.

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