Pizza toast is something I really enjoyed as a child. Now, as a mum myself I love how quick and easy it is. It’s tasty, SO easy and can be a very wholesome meal for a little one. You can use leftover pasta sauce – I’ve made pizza toast with bologanise, simple tomato pasta sauce, and mixed tomato and mushroom sauce. Or, you use crushed fresh tomato, a little crushed tinned tomato or passata. There are lots of options and in my opinion as long as you add herbs and cheese this ‘pizza-like’ toast tastes great!

To make, you need:

a piece or two of bread

Sauce of choice (bolognaise, tomato, mixed vegetable, lentil sauce) or some passata/crushed tomatoes

Cheese (I recommend a simple tasty cheese/cheddar, as this melts well and provides calcium too, but you can also use mozzarella or other another cheese of choice), you can use frozen grated cheese too (which is so handy to have in the freezer)

If you dont have a nice sauce to use, and use tomatoes or passata I recommend adding a little sprinkle of dried herbs

Optional: cracked pepper

Optional: you can also add some leftover roasted/steamed veg (for example, peas – see photos, or roast pumpkin) – add these prior to adding the grated cheese.

To make:

  1. Turn your oven onto the grill setting
  2. Take your piece of bread and spread on some sauce (or tomato passata/crushed tomatoes and herbs +/- grated or left over cooked veg)
  3. Add grated cheese, and a tiny bit of pepper (I mention this as our toddler loves it, but I appreciate that it may not be ideal for many little kids)
  4. Place bread onto a tray and grill until the cheese is melted and the bread looks a little crispy around the edges.
  5. Cut up and allow to cool down before serving. Note: the sauce/veggies and cheese will be very hot, I suggest pulling up to cheese and little and making sure that there are no hidden very hot bits prior to serving.

Remember it’s ‘pizza toast’ so you really can add whatever you like – different veg, little pieces of ham (or even tofu), and different cheese.. ricotta is also nice.


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