Mindful Movement

Mindful movement refers to the act of engaging in physical movement where one places all attention (or as much as […]

Endometriosis Management

Have you just been diagnosed with endometriosis? Well, let me reassure you that you do not have to suffer. Whilst you […]

Unpacking Endometriosis

  *Note: this will be a series of two blog posts Endometriosis (or “endo” as it is most commonly phrased) […]

Fish During Pregnancy: Friend or Foe?

Amongst pregnant women, a concern commonly raised is: “is fish safe to eat?” Well, in a nutshell, yes! It is […]

Preconception Health: A guide to supplements

Knowing which prenatal supplement/s to buy can be a bit tricky. There is quite an array to choose from and […]

Food & Mental Health

We’ve known for a while now that what we eat can directly affect our mood and how we function from […]

Sourdough – Why it’s so wonderful

As a long time lover of sourdough, it’s about time I share a few words about this type of bread. […]

4 Quick & easy ‘throw together’ meal ideas

Simple and easy dinner ideas are always helpful, no matter how much of a meal prep pro we are or […]

Women’s Health & Nutrition

Women’s Health. What IS women’s health? As a practitioner who works in this area, I occasionally get asked about what […]

A post about mental health & a personal story

Yesterday was ‘R U OK? Day. A reminder to check in with people around us, those close to us and […]

The importance of self-care & a recipe for an all natural plus edible body scrub

This post is about the importance of making time just for you. For your mind and body, your health and wellbeing, […]

Food safety during pregnancy

Many of us are aware that certain foods are labelled as being unsafe during pregnancy.. raw fish, raw egg, soft […]