Edible Summer Salad Bouquet Workshop – Coming soon

An autumn workshop was held in early April 2016 and 2017 – our work space smelt like an overgrown herb garden, we had a lot of fun! If interested in future bouquet workshops follow our Facebook page for updates. x

A summary of what to expect during our next workshop:

Explore your creative side, using beautiful fresh edible things, mindfully..

This workshop is all about being creative. You’ll take home a beautifully arranged bunch of incredibly good, fresh, flavoursome, seasonal, local and sustainably grown ingredients (a lot of which will be organic).. to keep for yourself (cook with and eat) or to give to someone as a gift.

Not only is it fun, but working with flowers and edible natural things is one creative way to practice mindfulness. Also, you don’t need to be a ‘creative type’ at all, in fact I believe that we are all creative beings, some of us have just explored it more than others.

During this workshop you will taste and work with delicious seasonal produce, learn a few floristry tricks and techniques, gain some insight into the health and wellbeing benefits of floristry .. and just have a good time! Plus, you’ll be getting creative in an inspiring warehouse space, while listening to chilled tunes. Sound fun? There’s more.. you’ll also be able to take home seasonal recipes, which provide ideas of how you can use all your bouquet ingredients. I will have a bundle of particularly nice recipes for all.

Edible bouquets Melbourne

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