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4 ingredient peanut butter banana snack balls

These fudgy little balls are firstly SO easy and quick to make, all you need is a bowl, fork and spoon, and only four ingredients. Secondly, they are delicious raw but when frozen also make a nice chilled snack (when taken from the freezer and allowed to defrost a little they’re chewy and almost caramel like). One or two make an energising and nourishing ‘pick me up’ snack. Roll and dust them in whatever you like best – cacao, cocoa powder, sesame seeds, cinnamon and/or coconut all work well. If you love bananas and peanut butter (or any other nut butter) these are really worth a go!

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Delicious feel good smoothies (A basic flexible recipe for two)

At this time of year, a delicious, creamy and refreshing smoothie can be hard to resist! Every cafe appears to have a few pretty amazing concoctions on offer. But, it’s also nice to make your own at home as this allows you to create a flavour, texture and thickness that you love. I’ve finally started to make a lot more smoothies at home (yes, a little late I realise, we’re well into summer!).. and why? Well, apart from loving smoothies I recently bought us these nifty stainless steel straws (highly recommend!).

Creating a nice balance of flavour, sweetness and texture is really a matter of playing and experimenting but if you love smoothies, don’t make them often and are not sure where to start the below flexible recipe (which makes a nice amount for two) is easy and works every time. Sometimes I’ll make this amount, pour myself a glass or jar and store the rest in the fridge for the following day or I use leftover smoothie to make little ice-blocks – perfect for snacking and desserts.

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Easy wholesome banana & blueberry muffins

banana blueberry muffinsThis has become a fav go-to way of using up ripe bananas. It’s such an easy recipe which apart from needing to melt butter, requires very little time from start to finish. You just throw all ingredients together and mix (love this sort of baking!). It’s a nice one for the very busy and for young children to get involved in.

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Spiced carrot & parsnip cake with lemon & maple yoghurt icing

Carrot and parsnip cake with lemon yoghurt icing

So, you might be thinking – why put parsnip in a carrot cake and add yoghurt icing when decadent moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is so amazingly good? Good question. I too adore carrot cake with the real deal icing and have no objections whatsoever – by no means should this cake replace the sweet decadent well loved traditional carrot cake, at all. This creation though, is a special one – parsnip adds an edge, the spice brings warmth and this icing, well, it may surprise. My taste testing family and friends approved with happy wide eyes.

Just a fun spin on the traditional style carrot cake – the sweet zesty yoghurt is moreish and as a little soaks into the cake it adds even more moisture. This icing is also a delicious easy way to add more dairy to your world. Research shows that many women in Australia aren’t getting the calcium they need. Natural or Greek style yoghurt is beautiful served with wholesome vegetable packed cakes so why not turn it into icing?

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