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Peanut butter, tahini, banana & cacao cookies

peanut butter cacao cookiesThink sweet and fudgy, chocolatey and nutty, delicious and not too rich. These cookies are yum, perhaps a wee little addictive.

Having a batch of wholesome cookies, stored in your pantry or in the freezer (ready for you to grab at any time), makes delicious snacking easy. Of course there are many wonderful snacks that don’t require baking or preparation, however for something different and comforting it’s nice to bake and stock up on homemade goodies when time persists.

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Spiced sweet potato & pumpkin chocolate brownies

Sweet potato and pumpkin browniesBrownies. How good are brownies. Sometimes, a sweet soul warming chocolate heavy brownie (with all the sugar and butter goodness) is exactly what we need (and yes, the food loving dietitian in me is saying this with honesty and a big smile. I have on several accounts brought in homemade chocolate rich brownies for my clients to try). I’ll admit that there’s usually some sort of fun addition like zucchini or beetroot, but all the lovely butter, flour and sugar is in there too, it’s just good stuff).

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Buckwheat banana muffins, with strawberries & dark chocolate bits

Buckwheat Banana berry choc muffins 2

Just very yummy and extremely easy to make (no electric beating required.. and you only need one mixing bowl, which makes them so easy to whip up).

These muffins are my current favourite and have also been a hit amongst clients, friends and family. I’ve been working on recipes that are particularly easy and wonderful for satisfying pregnancy and postnatal nourishment needs. Not only are these really moreish, nourishing, energising and high in fibre so are good for digestive health but they also keep really well in the freezer. Continue Reading


Sautéed zucchini with rocket & toasted pepitas

Grilled zucchini salad

Zucchini is such a wonderful vegetable. It’s subtle flavour makes it incredibly versatile – you can do just about anything with it – add it to pasta sauce, curries, stir fries, lasagne, pasta bakes, risotto, soup, fritters, patties, slices, savoury baked things and sweet baked things – cakes, muffins.. even pancakes. You can slice, grate, and stuff zucchinis, make zoodles or thicker style zucchini noodles slithers using a vegetable peeler. Zucchini is nice served with so many things – red meat, poultry, fish, seafood, tofu and pretty much any cheese and any vegetable. Plus, you can eat it raw or cooked.

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