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Flourless chocolate cake with cherries and spice

Flourless chocolate cake has always been a favourite amongst the family. I’ve made several versions of this cake (often with raspberries or mixed berries, sometimes with olive oil instead of butter) but this recipe is by far the easiest and always works well. With cherries and a little spice it’s a beautiful dessert for this festive time of year. I love using a mix of hazelnut and almond meal as it gives this cake a subtle hazelnut flavour that reminds me of the chocolate hazelnut Swiss Christmas biscuits my mum makes. However using either almond or hazelnut meal is just as nice.

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Spring, Winter

Roast pumpkin, quinoa & fresh herb salad, with roasted pecans and toasted seeds

Roast pumpkin, quinoa & herb saladAs we transition into spring, enjoying warmer sunnier days, we begin to naturally yearn for fresh flavoursome salads. Warming winter food, however, can still be all that we feel like, the weather can certainly chop and change (.. especially in Melbourne!). Cool spring days may call for soups and curries but nourishing hearty salads can also hit the spot. This one’s particularly nice, a beautiful wholesome salad that’s delicious served any way – warm or cold, on it’s own, as a side dish or mixed with other things such as feta, leafy greens, boiled egg or slithers of cooked chicken. It’s a very versatile one, and one that in my experience is always well loved at dinner parties and BBQs.

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Rice pudding porridge, with vanilla bean & grated apple

Rice pudding porridge with appleThis porridge (or pudding rather) brings such warmth and comfort.. it’s basically a dessert. At this time of year it’s very natural for us to crave warm comforting food, and a bowl of cinnamon dusted and honey or maple syrup drizzled creamy rice certainly is just that. It’s also very nourishing, energising and gentle on the tummy. Being rice based it’s a nice one for those that find oats too heavy or prefer or require gluten free styles of porridge. However, like any rice pudding it does take time to make, but if you have the time and don’t mind standing by the stove to stir and watch it’s totally worth it.

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