Hello Autumn…

Do you love autumn? I find it to be such a beautiful season.. with the change in colours and emergence of coats, capes, scarves and boots. Autumn fashion is just so comforting and warming. But the cooler weather (typically wet and windy here in Melbourne) can be a little challenging to adjust to.

Luckily warming soulful food makes the transition much easier.

Poached fruit is one very warming autumn pleasure. There are so many delicious autumn fruits. Quinces are just one.


Growing up in Adelaide we had a quince tree. Mum used to poach quinces and pears together and serve them with homemade custard- my gosh it was delicious. Now that I live in Melbourne I can’t hang out with mum in kitchen poaching quinces but to my absolute delight my partner’s mum has an epic quince tree too – so we were spoilt with a big bag full yesterday.

What’s so special about quinces..

If you have a tree you would know that their perfume is like no other fruit- incredibly sweet and floral. While rock hard and pretty much inedible when raw they are divine when poached (especially when still warm and served with custard or ice-cream). Quinces are very high in fibre and vitamin C, and also contain small amounts of some minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium and B vitamins. They make beautiful jam, but can also be added to casseroles and stews for sweetness.

Time for some quince cooking.. will share my recipe this week.

Until then, enjoy these early Autumn sunny days.

Much Love,

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