Pregnancy Nutrition

The food you eat, throughout your pregnancy, plays an incredibly important role. Not only for your baby’s growth and development but also your child’s future health – for many years to come. It’s also just as important for you, to keep you healthy and strong during and after your pregnancy.

As every pregnancy is unique, I tailor consultations to suit your individual interests, needs and concerns. We discuss areas that are of interest and relevant to you.

Examples of specific areas where I can help include:

  • If feeling a little overwhelmed at the enormous amount of information and advice out there. Having clear nutrition and food safety guidance and practical personalised ideas to help you meet your needs can make all the difference. Together we ensure that you’re harnessing a very healthy environment for your little one while also looking after yourself (which is just as important!).
  • If concerned about weight gain. Together we ensure you’re eating in a way that meets your needs and promotes healthy weight gain.
  • Low appetite (because of morning sickness or extreme tiredness) or are experiencing food aversions and feel concerned that you may not be obtaining the nutrition you need.
  • If extremely busy such that organising, preparing and cooking and enjoying balanced nourishing meals daily feels impossible sometimes.
  • If feeling extremely tired and needing some guidance on how to improve energy levels.
  • If feeling overwhelmed by (and uncomfortable with) the changes that are happening in your body. While some discomfort for many is a part of the pregnancy journey, the way we eat often makes a big difference to how we feel in ourselves.

I can can also help with the management of:

  • Gestational Diabetes &
  • Pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy)

With every consultation, I provide personalised advice, tips and tailored recipes, as well as ongoing email support.

If interested in booking an appointment please email or call 0418 527 200.

Medicare and private health rebates are available too. You can find details here.


Initial consultation (1 hour): $135

Follow- up consultation (30mins): $75






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