Postnatal & Baby Nutrition

Whether you’ve recently had a baby (your first little one or a new addition to the family), adequate nourishment is key to keeping you healthy, energised, strong and feeling good.

A few areas where Lara can help include:

  • Nutrition for breastfeeding: The food you eat makes a difference to how you feel from day to day. Lactation requires extra energy, vitamins and minerals, so if you’re breastfeeding and not obtaining adequate nourishment you can easily feel quite exhausted and drained.
  • Enjoying food in a way that keeps you healthy, happy and nourished but also helps you to return to your natural healthy weight.
  • Learning food organisational skills, cooking skills and simple meal ideas that will make delicious nutritious eating easier for you (and your partner/family), while looking after your baby.
  • Nutrition for you and your baby, toddler (and/or children): Whether looking after a new tiny little one, a toddler or a few children I can provide tips, ideas and recipes to help you obtain adequate nourishment while also providing a variety of food for your child/ren so that he/she/they can thrive.
  • Enjoying and/or preparing a variety of food so that your baby (and children) learn to love a variety of food early on. (I am very passionate about helping parents to enjoy, prepare and cook good food so that their children benefit, learn to love good food and also learn skills for life.)
  • Particular foods, delicious easy meals and snack ideas and recipes that can help you to feel better and keep you healthy if experiencing postnatal depression.
  • Nutrition for your baby: There are many areas I can help with – whether introducing solids and unsure about what to offer and when, whether concerned about your baby’s bowel movements or worried that your child may have a food intolerance I can provide personalised advice, tips and recipes. Food intolerances can present in various ways including eczema, skin rashes, irregular unusual bowel movements and behaviour changes.


If interested in booking an appointment please email or call 0418 527 200.

With every consultation Lara provides personalised recommendations and advice, tips and email support.


Initial Consultation (1 hour): $135

Follow-up consultation (30mins): $75

Follow-up consultation (45mins): $95

Initial + Follow- up package (1 hour consult + 30min follow-up consult): $200


1 month package: $395

(1 initial consult + 3 follow up consults + a tailored personalised guideline + recipes + email support)

3 month package: 

(A few options are available, with weekly, fortnight or monthly follow-up consults. Please inquire to find out what’s best for you)

6 month package:

(A few options are available, with weekly, fortnight or monthly follow-up consults. Please inquire to find out what’s best for you)

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