Overnight Raspberry Oats & Rice Flakes

If you love porridge but prefer a cold (and very easy and fast to make) breakfast, overnight oats are perfect. […]

The easiest yummiest quiche

This is something my mum often makes. As kids and teenagers we adored this for dinner and still today my […]

Vegetable & Cannellini Bean Lasagne

I love this lasagne. It’s a heart warming vegetarian meal which is not only tasty but easy to throw together […]

Chocolate quinoa cookies!

Ever have leftover cooked quinoa which you’d like to use somehow? Try these cookies! They are beautifully crunchy on the […]

Lentil Bolognaise

If you love bolognaise but also love lentils (or would like to try including more lentils into your world) I […]


Hummus is such a well loved and versatile dip. This is something I make quite often, almost every week in […]

Keeping your calm, managing stress & anxiety. Finding space & stillness in the mind.

Mental Health. I recently posted a few thoughts and a story of my own on this topic, in particular stress […]

Banana, nut butter, oat & seed cookies

These cookies are easy to throw together and make a lovely high fibre snack or breakfast option for on the […]

Banana, coconut milk & chia seed muffins

Last week, after making a pot of curry I had half a tin of coconut milk leftover which I certainly […]

A post about mental health & a personal story

Yesterday was ‘R U OK? Day. A reminder to check in with people around us, those close to us and […]

Lemony turmeric cookies

This recipe is a little variation of the hazelnut cookie recipe I recently posted. As a few friends have asked […]

Hazelnut Cookies

  These cookies, I have to say, are THE BEST. Being not overly sweet, full of only good stuff, high […]

Easy Blissful Vegetable Lasagne

This lasagne is something I make quite often, in particular when I have vegetables such as spinach, zucchini or kale […]

Zesty sautéed greens with buckwheat pasta

This pasta dish is one I often throw together for dinner, each time with slightly different greens (usually whatever I […]

Easy ‘chocolate truffle like’ bliss balls (no blender required)

These have become a regular snack (especially for morning tea, enjoyed with and dunked into a creamy coffee – I […]

Flourless chocolate cake with cherries and spice

Flourless chocolate cake has always been a favourite amongst the family. I’ve made several versions of this cake (often with […]

4 ingredient peanut butter banana snack balls

  These fudgy little balls are firstly SO easy and quick to make, all you need is a bowl, fork […]

The most delicious most versatile avocado pesto

  Pesto would have to be one of the most versatile condiments.. serve it as a dip, a spread, a […]